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Shrug and Reason

When God gave humans the ability to reason, He also gave them the ability to shrug. And it’s a good thing. Because when reason fails, shrugging sure beats banging your head against a brickwall dead-end. Over and over again. Or settling disputes with sticks, stones, sling-shots, and six-shooters. According to those-in-the-know, we’re in an evolutionary race for survival, and in this contest first prize does not go to the strong, swift, or self-assured, but to …the most adaptable. So in order to survive, you’ve got to adapt, and in order to adapt, you’ve got to learn to live with some things. Reason will only take you so far when dealing with others or wrestling with yourself — or when trying to understand the many discrepancies in life, like photosynthesis and the food chain, the Venus flytrap and the flight of the bumblebee, free will and compulsory Algebra, The Big Bang and The Great Beyond. And that’s the reason God gave us the shrug. And, hopefully, sense enough to know when to use it.