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On the ferry from Nova Scotia to Maine, you view a 360-degree horizon for the first time in your life. It’s been nothing but sea, sky, and clear, cloudless sailing since early morning. But at dusk, the top deck — which you have spent the entire ride on — is suddenly overrun by passengers. They are pointing cameras and gawking at the sunset. They maneuver and jostle and click and chortle and cluck and shoot all along the ship’s rail. As soon as the sun sinks out of …camera range, they rush back down to the slot machines and cafeteria and bar.

Then the top deck is yours again. You bask in the spreading afterglow of sunset.

Then, off the ship’s starboard side, on the far horizon, you see something begin to smolder.

Then glow. And emerge.

A full moon. Stoked and slow-burning, rising up from the ocean into the deep blue layers of evening.

That face.

You look at each other for quite a good, long while.