About Headlock Press

All About The Writing

Headlock Press hasn't won any awards, though some of our contributors have. But we don't like to brag and nobody wants to read another padded resume. So let's skip the self-praise and simply say nobody at Headlock Press is famous. That doesn't mean the writers here aren't any good. It just means they're in the same boat you are.

Who are the people that write for this Press? Students, teachers, people with real jobs, and more than a few among the ranks of the unemployed. But what does it matter? The only thing that matters is the writing. Judge the writing, not the writer, that's our motto. And if you met some of the so-called staff for this so-called Press, you'd know why that's our motto.

Look. We don't want to date you. We just want you to read our stuff. And after you've sampled some of it, we hope you keep coming back for more. And maybe even add something of your own into the mix