Headlock Press: Writing that Grabs and Holds

Headlock Press wants to challenge and entertain its readers with writing that is arresting, accessible, irreverent, and inviting. Gripping, too. Not to mention funny.

Headlock Press hasn't won any awards, though some of our contributors have. But we don't like to brag and nobody wants to read another padded resume. So let's skip the introductions and simply say nobody at Headlock Press is famous. That doesn't mean the writers here aren't any good. It just means we're in the same boat as you are.

Who are the people that write for Headlock Press? Students, teachers, people with real jobs, and more than a few among the ranks of the unemployed. But what does it matter? You came here to read and be entertained, not hire a nanny or find a date. It's the writing that matters, not the writer.

We believe the audience is just as important to a work of writing as the writer is. You need both audience and performer to put on a show. If no one comes to see your show, there’s no reason to put it on. So we encourage you to comment on what you read and let us know what you think. Honest comments and criticism--of all kinds--are the best payment an author (and publisher) can receive for their work. We want this to be an interactive website with an on-going, open dialogue between audience and authors. The interplay between readers and writers can create a kind of collaborative art, and when it’s done well, it can be like a dance performed by partners who hold each other in high regard. And when that happens, you’re really cooking, baby.

So welcome to our little dance party. We hope the writing on Headlock Press grabs you. Grabs and holds you. And keeps you coming back for more.

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